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    Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie 

    to the autograph community… 


     “Who Else Wants To Increase

     Their Autograph Collection 

    While Eliminating The Time-Consuming,
    Painful Grunt Work Of Writing Letters!”

     If You Are Serious About Building a Personal Autograph Collection
    Then This Is The
    Fastest And Easiest Way To Do It
    While Boosting Your Success Rate!

          This is unlike any other website you may have seen before. You get immediate access to an accurate celebrity database plus you also get an arsenal of tools, tips and strategies to make your collecting more enjoyable, more successful and more gratifying.

        Are you sick and tired of the tedious chore of writing letters? Is that sucking up too much of your time?

    Our “Instant Fan Mailä” Saves You Time And Grunt Work!

         Apply our exclusive Instant Fan Mail™ and you crank out request letters in a stunningly short time while rapidly building your collection.


    Tuesday 10:33 a.m.

    Dear Friend,

         Do you want to increase your autograph collection without the hassle and aggravation of writing letters? When you send for an autograph are your results lethargic, unproductive and unresponsive?  

      Of course you do, but let’s look at it from the celebrity’s point of view. They have bags and bags of mail they really don’t care to go through. They aren’t going to read your letter any slower and savor every word because it’s written by hand. In fact, it could be an irritant to them and work against you if they have difficulty reading your handwriting.

     Instant Fan Mail Is The Biggest Secret
    To Immediately Turn Miserable Results
    Into An Effortless Flood Of Autographs . . .
    And It’s Brain-Dead Simple To Use! 

      “Instant Fan MailÔis vital in building your autograph collection. This one tool is instrumental in exploding your collection because now in the time it takes you to eat lunch, you can send 10, 20, 30, 40 letters requesting autographs.

       Not only that, there’s no more grunt work! It’s quick and user-friendly and the letters are the exact same ones I use. So these have proven themselves over time.

       You get 18 letters in step-by-step template form. You just fill in the blanks and hit the print button on your computer and you’re done! Let’s face it it’s a numbers game, the more letters you send the more chances you get in acquiring that autograph.



        Instant Fan MailÔ gives you that leverage.

     You Can Send 25 Letters A Day
    In The Time It Takes To Eat Lunch!

       Imagine that! No more laboring over the kitchen table hunched over your pen and paper with writer’s cramp.

       If you are involved in raising money for a charity then this is a must-have tool. Getting celebrity auction items seems effortless because you can send hundreds of request without a massive amount of work, effort or manual labor. You’ve just discovered a streamlined system that’s so easy a 9 year-old can do it.

       You can’t miss with the . . .

     Accurate Celebrity Database of 64,981 Addresses!

       Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new in collecting, you need our massive Celebrity Rolodex, a comprehensive celebrity database of addresses of . . .

     ·         Movie Stars

     ·         Athletes

     ·         Musicians

     ·         Politicians

     ·         Talk Show Hosts

     ·         Fashion Designers

     ·         Models

     ·         Reality TV Stars

     ·         Notable Public Figures

     ·         Porn Stars

      We are constantly working feverishly Monday through Friday to provide you the most up to date addresses to keep you current.   

       If by chance you can’t find the address in our database then you can go to Autograph Community Wish List to submit your request and we will try to find it using every available resource we have. We will leave no stones unturned.

       Your request will be displayed in our Wish List and if we can’t find it, it’s very possible a fellow member might have it.

       Can you imagine showcasing your in-person encounters? Now you can with . . .

    “Celebrity Sightings”,
    A Cool Way to Show Off
    Your Personal Celebrity Encounters.

       In our Celebrity Sightings Showcase, you share with other members worldwide your very own face-to-face encounters by displaying your photos along with comments of everything that transpired. You post your very own notes, comments and remarks letting other members around the globe read about your experience.

      This is almost like having your very own website because you can keep track of all the famous people you’ve met with your very own photo while sharing it with others!

       Just think about the insight this gives you as a reader when approaching particular celebrities. You discover what patterns to follow for success and how to side step mistakes. Just one tip, technique, strategy or insight can be a huge advantage in your collecting endeavor . . . it will greatly improve your success rate.

       For instance, here’s a highlight from a member, “Roaddog”, with the most memorable athlete of all-times, Muhammad Ali. 


       My Most Memorable Celebrity Encounter-Muhammad Ali



       Rachel Hunter Signing A Couple Of Magazine For Me At An Autograph Signing In 2004



       42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton Autographing My Photo While Campaigning For Hillary Clinton in Feb. 2008



       Comic Book Icon Stan Lee Posing For A Photo With Me



       Marilyn Manson Signing Autographs After Ozzfest In Las Vegas 1997



       Action Star Jet Li Takes A Photo With Me At The 2008 NBA All-Star Game In New Orleans



       Stevie Wonder Getting Some Help Signing My Autograph In Dec. 2007




       Reality TV Stars Adrianne Curry & Christopher Knight At The Alamo Drafthouse




       The Smothers Brothers Take A Group Photo With Me Prior To Their Concert In Galveston, Tx




       Cindy Morgan Showing Off The Autograph She Signed For Me At The Dallas Comicon


       You’ll be able to post pictures just like this.  

     Do You Know Your Favorite Celebrity’s Birthday?

       If you sent them a birthday wish wouldn’t this set you apart from the rest of the pack? You are no longer just asking for an autograph but you are wishing them Happy Birthday. The celeb will know instantly you’re a true and loyal fan. This significantly increases the chance of you getting back a positive mailing result.

           With the Celebrity Birthday tool it’s a breeze, just type in the name and click.

      What Would It Be Like If You Had Your Very Own Blog?

      I’m not talking about a chat room or forum where you have to be present. I’m talking about a blog. It’s your personal online diary because it allows you to journal your day-to-day activities and it’s the coolest way to share your experience or ask questions with other members just like you.

       This can be a tremendous edge as you read other members’ blogs. What if someone knew where U2 were staying and exposed the hotel and it was in your city? You can plan to get to that hotel and try to get a personal face-to-face autograph with the band. This is insider information you can’t get anywhere.

       Let’s say you’re headed to a major autograph show like the Comicon and you want to hook up, hang out and just meet other members that might be going. Just put that in your blog.

       What if you couldn’t make it to the show, but you wanted to know if whoever is going will get something signed for you? That’d be pretty cool, then you can return the favor if there’s something happening in your town.

       Of course, this isn’t only limited to celebrity talk, you can talk about anything that’s going on in your life. If you’re planning a trip you can ask for must-see attractions, the best local restaurants, the best time to go in regards to the weather, what money traps to avoid, etc. This alone could save you hundreds of dollars!

       What if you’re in the market for buying a car? Maybe a member is a car salesman and he can tell you how you can negotiate the best deal from the buyer side of the table. He can also tell you how to avoid the mistakes most car buyers make. What to say, what not to say and what not to settle for. This saves you a lot of grief and possibly hundreds of dollars!

       But wait there’s more . . .

     Organize ALL of Your Celebrity Autographs
    with User-Friendly “My Penpals”

       This tool easily tracks and manages your private collection. Instantly you know what’s pending and what was been received. You systematize and record your collection without any hassle—no more paperwork!

       With one quick glance, you analyze, examine and study your hits and misses and view your results in seconds flat. Throw away that spiral notebook because ‘My Pen Pals’ help manage your collection with ease whether you’re a newbie just starting out or a seasoned professional.


     “Thumbs-Up Movie Critique”

       How many times have you seen a lame movie and told your friends not to see it? What if you read critiques and avoided the losers, that one bad movie pays for your monthly membership. More on that later.

       You get instantaneous access to our movie review, “At the Movies”. This tool let’s you post critiques on movies you’ve seen and you can tell others whether it’s worth the price of admission or a blatant waste of money.

       If you go to the movies often like me, you’ll appreciate an honest unbiased review from an off-the-street moviegoer, not some high-paid professional that probably has financial ties to someone in the movie industry.

       And yet there’s still more . . .

      You Can Send Highly Confidential Emails
    to Other Members with “Members Only Messaging” (MOM)

       Some emails you want to keep private. Using the Members Only Messaging (MOM) tool allows you the confidentiality to email members without it being seen by others.

       Autograph Community gives you proven and tested strategies, a surplus of tools, and the largest up-to-date celebrity database in the industry to enhance, enlarge and grow your collection.

       Okay, I know you’re asking . . . “What’s the Cost?”

       I’ve made the price dirt-cheap for you because I know firsthand what it’s like to shave pennies, eat peanut butter sandwiches and ramen noodles for dinner. You Get All These Autograph Building Tools For Only $4.95 Per Month.  


      You get instant access to . . . 

            ·       An accurate celebrity database of 64,981 addresses… 

    ·       Instant Fan MailÔ - No more grunt work! The only quick and amazingly simple way to send a celebrity a request letter. These are tested and proven to get you maximum results. No more guessing what works and what doesn’t. 

    ·       Celebrity Penpals Blog - Your very own online journal for you to write in your day-to-day activities so you can go back later and review. This tells you what’s working and what’s not so you can focus on what’s bringing you successful mailing results… 

    ·       Celebrity Sightings Showcase – Where you share your personal celebrity encounter photo and let other collectors around the world in on your experience. It’s like having your very own website! 

    ·       My Penpals - Track, organize, systematize and manage your entire collection whether it’s massive or small. In just one glance you instantly know what is pending and what is not. This is the information you need to build a serious collection.  

    ·       At The Movies - Critique the movies you’ve seen to assist others in make a decision on whether or not they should go. Just by avoiding one bad movie pays for a month membership! 

    ·       Members Only Messaging (MOM) – Email members while safeguarding your privacy.

    ·       Celebrity Birthdays – Send your favorite celebrity a birthday greeting to set yourself apart from the pack when requesting an autograph—this gives you a better chance for a successful mailing.  

         That’s a ton of stuff! There are others sites out there offering one-tenth the value (if that!) for rates way higher than my $4.95 monthly membership. You can clearly see you get lots more for your money with Autograph Community.  

      I’m sure you’ve seen other celebrity sites charging the same price and higher and they don’t have close to any of the cutting-edge tools we offer you. Want to know why? They probably aren’t even collectors . . . just businessmen in suits!

      Does your “B.S.” detector go off when you spot those sites that cross out their membership price of $19.95 and then offer it to you cheaper or they tell you you better sign up now because they may limit enrollment. Give me a break!

      There’s no smoke-and-mirrors with me. I don’t need trickery, deception or sales tactics. With Autograph Community you obviously see you get rock-solid value and a multitude of benefits to grow your collection. That’s because I’m offering all of these high-caliber features, tools and tips for a ridiculously low flat rate!  

        If you want to . . .  

    ·         Stop gambling on your mailing results with accurate and up-to-date celebrity database . . .

    ·         Turn your request letters into high percentage hits by using my proven and tested Instant Fan MailÔ tool . . . 

    ·         Organize, systemize and arrange your collection so you know without a doubt what’s outstanding …

       You need a potent combination of powerful advice, proven strategies, and specific step-by-step examples like my Instant Fan MailÔ to cultivate, enhance and grow your collection.



      That way, you can get your mailing results on a fast track to stronger response, more successes and more autographs as quickly as possible. All these tools and comprehensive information is available at your fingertips. You won’t find anything like it elsewhere.

       I’m not offering you any hyped-up, limited, inflated-priced free bonuses, and I make no apology for that. Free bonuses are just a savvy marketing trick people use to try to build value. I guess I could have left out a few of my tools and then thrown them in as free bonuses, but that’s not me. I don’t need the hype.

       Grab your membership today. You won’t be disappointed!

                                             Here’s to your collecting success, 

     P.S. [Pending] 




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